assisting children in eliminating barriers

Did You Know?

Recreation Therapy is a process that utilizes functional intervention (treatment), education and recreation participation to enable persons with physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social limitations to acquire and/or maintain the skills, knowledge and behaviours that will allow them to enjoy their leisure optimally, function independently with the least amount of assistance and participate as fully as possible in society.

This can be achieved through a variety of programs and services that assist the child to eliminate barriers to leisure, develop life-long leisure skills and attitudes and optimize their leisure involvement.

At the Centre these services include:

    • Treatment (functional intervention or skill development)
    • Leisure Education – focus on the development of various leisure-related skills, attitudes and knowledge.
    • Recreation Participation – often structured and delivered programs and opportunities for fun, enjoyment and self-expression
    • Community Development – to educate and support community recreation providers in the provision of quality leisure opportunities and requested services that meet the needs of children with disabilities.