About Us
Family Centered Services

Family Centered Care is a philosophy of care that has been adopted by the Cochrane Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre (CT CTC). It emphasizes the partnership of children, families and the staff of CT CTC to work together in the best interest of children and their families to achieve overall health, quality of life and the ability to participate in home and community life. By sharing desires and goals, children, families and CT CTC staff work towards attaining those goals with the resources each bring.

As the most important member of your child’s team, we want you to know that…

You and your child are actively included in the delivery of service from initial contact, through assessment, goal planning, treatment programming, service transition and discharge. Your team members are dedicated and prepared to help you throughout your involvement with your child and the Cochrane Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre.
Your team members will help you advocate for your child and the services your family needs.

Our Centre's Six Principles of Family Centered Care


The Family is the constant in the child’s life – the Centre Staff will change. The Family knows what has happened in the past in the child’s life and has the day-to-day responsibility of caring for their child now and of planning for the future.


Families have different cultural traditions and values and the Centre provides a supportive environment for all families.


The family has a right to have complete, timely and unbiased information shared with them on an ongoing basis, and all information is considered private.


The Family has the right to make choices about the care of their child – the treatment, goals and priorities. The Centre and its Staff need to assist families in collecting relevant information and providing options so that the Family’s decisions can be well informed.


A good plan for the child must take into account both the Family’s preferences as to the level and type of their involvement – and the Centre’s abilities to provide the desired service. i.e. the kind of service and the frequency of the service.


Each Family is unique and has its own strengths, knowledge, experiences and skills, and these factors need to be respected – what works well for one family may need to be different for another.