Your Child's First Appointment

What to Expect

Your child’s first appointment at the Cochrane Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre may be approaching. You may find yourself starting to get slightly nervous about what will happen during the assessment, and what you should ask or talk about with the therapists.

Your first appointment is an opportunity for you to meet the therapist(s) who will be involved with your child, and for our therapist(s) to do a preliminary assessment of your child’s strengths and needs.

You will be encouraged to ask questions, and provide information regarding your child. You are welcome to invite other family members, caregivers or professionals involved with your child to attend the assessment. At the end of the assessment, the therapist(s) will summarize their findings, provide you with recommendations and discuss next steps.

To make the best use of this time with the therapist(s), here are some suggestions:

    • Write down any questions, or concerns you have, and bring them along to the assessment
    • Bring some paper to jot things down.
    • If you are not clear about a comment or suggestion, or terminology used, you are encouraged to ask for clarification. Sometimes, we use acronyms and medical terms out of habit and need to remember to explain them.
    • Make sure you are clear about what the next steps will be with each of the therapists that may be involved (e.g., recheck appointment, group sessions, etc.).
    • If you have any concerns or questions about the assessment process, please share them with us.

There are different approaches to service at the Cochrane Temiskasming Children’s Treatment Centre. All are based on the best available evidence as to what is the most effective approach to your child’s particular needs, the goals you have for your child and the results of your child’s assessment. Therapy interventions may include parent/caregiver training, direct one to one work with your child in individual or group sessions, consultations to daycare centres, schools or community agencies. We will discuss with you the approach most suitable for your child and develop a therapy plan at one of your initial appointments.

In all cases, parents are strongly encouraged to actively participate and to follow through on home recommendations.