FASD Support Program

Supporting Families and their Children

Did You Know?

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, is estimated to impact about 4% of the population*, and can have minor to major impairments on a child’s brain function and development.

Who is CanFASD?

CT CTC strives to support children and families living with a diagnosis, or a suspected diagnosis, of FASD; by providing the following:

  • FASD awareness and prevention education
  • Developing support plans based on the child’s unique strengths and needs
  • Support in connecting with diagnostic clinic(s)
  • Provide educational, psychological and emotional support post-diagnosis
  • Avocation and education for school personnel
  • Transition support

*To learn more about FASD, including information for Prevention, Diagnosis, Justice System, Child Welfare and Online Courses, please visit Home – CanFASD