About Us
Code of Conduct

The members of our organization continually strive to provide the highest quality, family and relationship centered services within a blended context of humanity and professionalism. Each of us at the Cochrane Temiskaming Children’s Treatment Centre occupies a position of trust.
In varying measure, each of us represents the Centre in interactions with clients, our fellow colleagues, other community agencies, schools and professionals, governments and funders, and the general public.
Whatever the area of activity and whatever the individual’s level of responsibility, it is expected that each representative of CT CTC in the course of his/her duties will act in a manner consistent with the following principles and the policies/procedures in place in our Centre.

Principals: These are our responsibilities to individuals, organizations, our professions, society and to ourselves:


We empower, support, and respond to each individual in a manner best suited to him or her. We respect individual choices and diversity.

We consider our clients and their families’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs.


We are open and honest in all situations, acting with integrity and loyalty.

Effective communication

We uphold the principle of informed consent and will ensure mutual understanding about treatment decisions.

We use language and terminology that is easy to understand, are direct and clear in our communication, and encourage and invite questions to verify understanding.

Collaborative relationships

We value, appreciate and sustain our relationships with clients, families, colleagues, and community.

We respect and consider the opinions of others, foster a caring environment and take a collaborative approach to resolve issues.

Professional accountability and efficacy

We continually engage in professional development activities to learn, develop and apply new knowledge and skills.

We maintain high standards of professional behaviour and practice, and do not practice impaired.

Equitable treatment and equitable opportunity

We avoid any real or perceived conflict of interest and are conscientious about respecting professional boundaries. Our processes are fair and consistent.


We demonstrate how we value others by being prompt and responding in a timely manner.


We respect the trust given to us when others share their personal information.

We are diligent about following confidentiality practices that keep that information confidential, secure and private.


We make productive use of our work time and show respect for others’ time by being punctual and efficient.

Community Support

We are accountable to our communities and we contribute and support a caring culture.

We advocate for justice and fairness.


We welcome input/feedback and respond promptly to any concerns raised about our conduct.